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Pet Peeve

What’s up with people who insult you and then go “I was just teasing you” or “It’s just a joke”? How does that excuse the fact that you’re being a dick? And actually it makes me angrier because not only did you insult me but are now trying to make me seem like I can’t take a “joke”.



My Top Three Board Games


I love board games, particularly with a small group of friends. It’s usually my activity of choice when people get together because it’s such an easy way to bond with people. Also, it takes pressure off what we can talk about as we’re all focused on the game at hand. I haven’t played a ton of different board games but here are the ones that have caught my fancy (in no particular order):

  1. Ticket to Ride: Europe
    Admittedly, half the fun of this board game is mispronouncing the names as we build track to and from various destinations (c’mon – Munchen Wien anyone?). I also love that while this game is competitive (meaning you play against other players), you’re never really taking points away from them and they’re never really taking points away from you. You’re just collecting your own points. So there’s never really a sense of hopelessness and frustration.
  2. Mice & Mystics
    Apparently this game is for children but I’ve found it quite complicated so I’m surprised that seven year olds can readily play this with all the rules given. We’ve been playing the campaign mode which is multiple chapters long. It’s been fun finding out how to story progresses, particularly if you play 1 character most of the time. You end up having a vested interest in how it all turns out. It’s a cooperative game too so you’re all working towards a common goal which I find takes the pressure off winning. Plus, the figures are super cute!
  3. 7 Wonders
    Just played this tonight but it’s really caught my attention. It’s a competitive game, again where you collect points to win. What I like about it is that it’s easy to learn and fast to play. But there’s so many different strategies you can take to win and there’s not necessarily one right way. Plus, I enjoyed that you can’t outright ignore the other players’ cards on the board and concentrate on your own game (which is easy to do in other games). You have to consider them for your own advancement.Honourable Mentions (also in no particular order)
  4. If Wishes Were Fishes! (my intro into fun board games)
  5. Betrayal at House on the Hill (my intro to cooperative board games)
  6. Apples to Apples (easy to play and generates lots of laughs, great for parties)
  7. Wooly Bully (super cute pictures and an easy game to learn)
  8. Carnival (another fun card game – also easy to learn)
  9. Ingenious (a puzzle game)
  10. ???
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Secret (Not So Secret) Introvert

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Many people don’t believe me when I insist I’m an introvert. Growing up I was painfully shy. As I got older, I learned how to disguise it to the point where I sometimes believe I’m an extrovert. I certainly exhibit some extrovert personality traits. But for me, it take a bit of energy to exert myself and be more outgoing.

Did you know…

… I experience a lot of anxiety when someone invites me to a party where I don’t know anyone else but the hostess. I know she can’t hang out with me the whole night as she has to meet and greet everyone else too, which means I’ll need to meet new people. I’ll need to mingle and make small talk. And for some reason, I just can’t do small talk. I’m no good at it. I can vaguely chat about the weather, the news, etc but I can’t sustain it. And inevitably, the small talk eventually turns into an awkward pause. And what’s when everyone else decides to turn away from the horrible accident scene which is me and talk to each other instead. ¬†And then I get all weird and feel like a loser.

… I even hate meeting up with friends one on one unless I know them really well. I’m always worried we’ll have nothing to say to each other. And then we’ll be stuck at the dinner table, loudly sipping our soups and crunching our salads to fill in the void created by our lack of anything to say to each other. For this reason, I always want another friend there. To act as a buffer: to take the pressure off me to keep the conversation going.

… Thank God cell phones have become so ubiquitous. I’d much rather text someone than people to them on the phone. And I’d much rather talk on the phone than meet in person. God, why can’t the world just function in a way whereby I just “like” stuff on Facebook/Instagram?

… While I love dressing up and I love the idea of going out to a club, bar or party. I get all excited planning out what to wear and dream up different scenarios of what will happen that night. But once I get there, I realize that I hate vapid conversations with strangers and being put into situations which highlight my social ineptitude. (Thank God for liquor.) I’d much rather being at home cuddled up to my favourite pillow with a warm cup of tea and a good book.