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Reflections on Hot Yoga part 2

Apparently there are female instructors at Bikram’s in the West End. They’re just harder to find.

Also is it me or do people seem to sweat more the more hot yoga they do? Like the girl who seemed the most hardcore was the one sweating literally streams of sweat. And I’m sweating more than I did my last class. Which was more than I did my first class.

Apparently by your third class you’re no longer singled out as a beginner. Which is a blessing in that I’m blending in more. But sucks because I could use some extra attention to correct my postures.

After a session of hot yoga.

After a session of hot yoga.

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Reflections on Hot Yoga

I did my second Bikrams yoga this evening. Some thoughts:

Why is the teacher always a skinny hairy white guy? No issue with that. Just curious. Ps: why do their shorts have to be so short?

What’s up with the stinky cheese feet smell? Must be all the sweat that’s dropped into the carpet. Wtf do they have a CARPETED hot yoga studio?

I didn’t realize I could sweat from my chin and my lower lip. And they were big drops too. Ew.

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