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Things That Annoy Me: October Edition

1) People who use the word less in place of fewer. It hurts my brain when I hear this. It seems everyone is doing it lately. Or maybe I’ve just been noticing it more. Either way – AUGGHHHH!!! For more information on the correct usage of these two words, check out Oxford.

2) The US presidential election coming up. Specifically anything to do with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their policies regarding Planned Parenthood, women’s rights and LGBT rights. I know I’m Canadian and whoever gets voted into the White House technically doesn’t affect me and my livelihood. But man, US politics really riles me up.

3) Honey Boo Boo and the rest of reality TV. I don’t even watch TV anymore and I’m sick of the Real Housewives, Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Apparently anyone can be a celebrity if you’re annoying and stupid enough.

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My Computer Died

My computer died. Or is dying. And for some reason I’m taking it so personally. Like it’s my fault. Like I did some to offend it.

My husband has offered to take it to the Mac store. But he warns me that there’s a good chance I may need a new computer altogether.

Which means I’ll need to be spending too much money. Ugh. Y’know that rainy day fund we’re all supposed to keep? I guess this is a rainy day.

Then again, first world problems.


Things I Hate: March Edition

1) Cyclists who, rather than sharing the road, demand the road. They swerve right in front of you, ignoring all other cars, pedestrians and even buses. They glare at you as you carefully drive past them. They take traffic lights as suggestions rather than laws that need to be obeyed.You are not anymore entitled to the road than anyone else. We all pay taxes. We all have as much right to the road as each other.

2) Rain. I know we live in Vancouver so it comes with the territory. I know it’s March so technically still winter. But damn, it’s been raining for like 7 days straight and I’ve really had enough. I hate rain. I hate carrying around a soggy umbrella. I hate when my socks get wet because of a previously unknown hole in my shoe. I hate that I walk in such a way where I end up kicking water up the back of my calves.

3) Daylight Savings. I know that by now everyone else is used to it. But waking up 1 hour earlier is seriously killing me. I feel like the walking dead until at least two hours and copious amounts of coffee. All this week, I’ve been coming to work looking like crap because I’ve been desperately trying to catch a few last z’s before I really really need to wake up.

4) Ingrown hairs in places that are hard to see. Then it’s just blindly poking around hoping for the best. I had an ugly one last week that took a lot of perseverance and determination to get at because it was an *oh so sensitive* spot. I had to angle around with little compact mirrors, directed lighting and zero sense of pride. And that spot was sore for like two days afterwards too.

5) The price of gas is currently 140.8 at my current Esso/PetroCan. Holy crap, I didn’t think we’d be getting to a buck fifty so soon. At this rate, I’ll have to start busing to work which sucks because it rains so much in Vancouver (see rant #2 above). On top of that commuters are smelly and vicious: a deadly combination.

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