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Cancun Day 2 & 3

Yesterday Jennifer and I went to Coba to climb a pyramid. Can I say that I hate heights? And this was high. Ok not exceptionally so, but it sure seemed higher when I realized I was going to be scaling it. Nonetheless we did it and it’s a cool thing to be able to say you climbed a pyramid. The hardest part for me was getting down because I’m scared of heights and when you’re going down, all you’re looking at is how high up you are.

Today is a rest day and actually tomorrow is too for me.



Cancun Day 1

Today Jennifer and I went to Chichen Itza and checked out the pyramid along with the ruins around the area.

It was a really long bus ride there and even longer coming back to Cancun.

The excursion itself was fun; I especially enjoyed our guide who turned out to be a college history professor. He decided to give us a more academic tour of the ruins with I suited me perfectly.

The weather down here is very hot and even more humid. I was sweating bullets outside and am currently nursing a small headache from the day. Note to self for tomorrow’s excursion: more water, more sunscreen.


YVR to YYC Live Blog

6:38 am. Bleary early morning ride to the airport. Wait wait wait. Now the flight is delayed. Just heard the flight attendants say they have no idea where the plane is. That can’t be good.

10:45 am. Delayed 1/2 hour but alive. Jennifer took me to the Calgary Farmers Market. I’m eating crepes. Mmmm.

12:39 pm. Spent $50 at the farmers market on nuts, corn chips and pastries. Guess I’m not getting anything in Cancun. Now hanging at Jennifer’s house.