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Gym Talk

Y’know how I’ve been posting a lot about working out since I started going to the gym back in March? I’ve been pretty good/diligent so far about going regularly. (Even if, by “regular”, I mean twice weekly – thrice if I’ve been good.) All this exercise has had a marked impact on not only my physical appearance (I’ve been regularly getting comments about how I lost weight – which is another post for another time) but also my health, in particular my digestion issues. Last month, I even signed up to work out with a personal trainer once a week. It’s been lovely and I’m so glad that I’ve made exercise a part of my life.

But a couple weeks ago, I got into a car accident and while everything is currently being sorted out through the insurance company, I’ve completely fallen off my gym routine. Aside from my once a week sessions with my personal trainer, I actually haven’t hit the gym at all. Yes, of course there’s lots of paperwork to sort out and lots of questions about what to do about the car and money and all those things to keep me from the gym.

In reality though, I know the real reason I haven’t been working out is that I’m sad. When I’m finally done work, I just want to crawl into bed and sleep and/or cry. The last thing I’ve wanted to do is hit the treadmill or bust my ass stair climber. It doesn’t logically add up because I know that if I’m feeling sad and stressed out, then working a good sweat will actually make me feel better both physically and mentally. But I just haven’t been able to bring myself to go and I’ve been racked with guilt about it.

Today marks two weeks of not working out regularly. And inside, I know that if I put this off s’more, I’ll never head back to the gym and my damn membership will go to waste. So this morning I finally dragged myself down to my condo’s gym. Fifteen minutes on the elliptical (ugh, I seriously hate that machine) and 45 minutes strength training, I feel infinitely better! Of course I would; I knew that I would. But damn, I never realized how much of a mental game it all is. Even just putting on the workout gear to go. I always knew that half the battle is just getting down to the gym, but now I’d say that’s the biggest battle of the whole thing. I can do a lot of stuff, even if it hurts and my body is crying for me to rest (damn you burpees!) and I enjoy the challenge. But I hate hate hate the five minutes just before getting to the gym.


Random Thoughts While Working Out: August Edition

1) The guy on the treadmill beside me today smelled like pine sol. I don’t think he quite grasps the different between deodorant and air fresheners yet. Regardless, it was kinda nice to have the pine fresh smell beside me while I ran. It was just as if I was running through a nice wood.

2) I’m not 100% sure if I have a small waist or just big hips. Usually I convince myself it’s the former, especially when I dress myself in the mornings. But other times like today when I was doing my lunges, I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. (Note: this is not written with the intention of fishing for compliments.)

3) I wear Lululemon tops frequently when I go to the gym. It’s easier because they have the built in bra and I just can’t be bothered to find a sports bra in the morning when I’m late and headed out the door. After reading some comments in some blogs (about the recent “controversy” of the company’s refusal to make clothes bigger than a size 12), I wonder if people read me as a label snob because of the brand name?

4) I know people aren’t supposed to judge others at the gym. You’re there to focus on yourself and your own improvement. But how do you keep from doing so? I find myself constantly judging everyone at the gym! The girl with perfectly coifed hair who wears only a sports bra and running shorts to work out (attention whore). The confused looking old guy on the elliptical with jeans, polo shirt and loafers on (how is he allowed on the machines like that?). The overly enthusiastic lady who’s sweating buckets and is in everyday giving 150% on the stairmaster (she needs to calm down).

Random Thoughts While Working Out: July Edition

Today I finally had a good workout (where I didn’t feel crappy and horrible and couldn’t wait to stop). Anyway, a few miscellaneous thoughts while I was on the treadmill this morning:

1) Most people seem to run for approximately 7-10 minutes on the treadmill. It takes me at least 7 minutes of running before I start to break a sweat so this confuses me. Maybe people just do it to warm up.

2) The number one reason I hate working out: laziness. And it’s a very convincing reason some (read: most) days.

3) The number two reason I hate working out: breakouts. I’ve been getting a lot of acne on my neck and between my boobs. TMI?

4) Motivations to go work out:

  • Cute workout clothes that need to be shown off
  • Opportunity to people-watch
  • Opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and think about how cute I look
  • Good music (usually 80s and 90s tunes)
  • How small my hips look and how perky my bum looks

5) I’ve come a long way already with this whole working out thing. When I started, I was running for 15 minutes. Today I ran for 35 minutes. Yes, it’s taken me since March to get here but still!

Reflections on Hot Yoga part 2

Apparently there are female instructors at Bikram’s in the West End. They’re just harder to find.

Also is it me or do people seem to sweat more the more hot yoga they do? Like the girl who seemed the most hardcore was the one sweating literally streams of sweat. And I’m sweating more than I did my last class. Which was more than I did my first class.

Apparently by your third class you’re no longer singled out as a beginner. Which is a blessing in that I’m blending in more. But sucks because I could use some extra attention to correct my postures.

After a session of hot yoga.

After a session of hot yoga.

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Reflections on Hot Yoga

I did my second Bikrams yoga this evening. Some thoughts:

Why is the teacher always a skinny hairy white guy? No issue with that. Just curious. Ps: why do their shorts have to be so short?

What’s up with the stinky cheese feet smell? Must be all the sweat that’s dropped into the carpet. Wtf do they have a CARPETED hot yoga studio?

I didn’t realize I could sweat from my chin and my lower lip. And they were big drops too. Ew.

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Add Another Hamster to that Wheel

runnersIt’s been a running joke in the office that I exercise regularly – once a year. I suppose it’s because I’ve remained relatively the same size for the last few years. So long as my dresses still zip up and I can still pull on my jeans, I’m happy with myself.

The last few months, my stomach’s been acting up badly. I’ve been seeing a specialist and he says if I start exercising, I’ll start to see an improvement in my health. So that motivated me to buy a few yoga dvds, get a mat and buy a few yoga clothes. Just the bare minimum. I tried it for a bit. Yet I just couldn’t get into it.

But when the new girl at work convinced me to buy a couple groupons for a 1-month unlimited pass Steve Nash/Fitness World and a 1-month pass to hot yoga to join her in a get-hot regime, I figured, why not? Turns out I can easily be convinced into almost anything when friends are involved. And now somehow over the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten my butt down to the gym a few times and have more exercise clothes than I ever had in my life.

A lot of it has to do with how much I surprised myself at the gym. I didn’t fall off the elliptical which was always some sorta nightmare I had nagging in the back of my head. And I somehow managed to get on the treadmill and run/jog for a good amount of time. Considering I hate running, this was an accomplishment. The last time I ran – back in high school – I was out of breath with a bad cramp on my side. Yet, somehow I managed to run and keep running beyond what I was expecting from myself. And here’s the weird part: I kinda liked it. Not like I loved it and I had runner’s high. And I still don’t want to drag my butt to the gym, but I know it’s not so bad if I do drag my ass there.

I realize that a lot of what kept me from the gym was that I thought I’d end up looking like a fool. Because I don’t know what I’m doing and what I do know, I barely do as it is. In high school, I was not the athletic girl. I was the opposite of a sports jock; in fact I was always the last one picked in gym class. It wasn’t that I wasn’t physically capable – I just fell into the nerd stereotype so I wasn’t cool enough to be picked sooner. I was actually a tomboy in elementary school, but I kinda forgot about that in high school. And becoming a clumsy awkward girl became my truth. So I wholeheartedly believed it. Until the last couple weeks when my body proved my mind otherwise.

Yoga Newb: First Thoughts

I’m trying out yoga for the first time. Doctor’s orders. Apparently this will help my stomach problems? He guarantees it, so here goes nothing. After my first session, here are my first thoughts:

1) I never thought I’d have to concentrate so much on breathing. And yet, it keeps ending up being the thing I’m forgetting.

2) I’m not as flexible as I once was. How did I ever do what I used to do?

3) I’m also not as balanced as I’d like to believe myself to be.

Hopefully all of the above will improve with practise.

Another thing I noticed that no one told me about: how fast the time goes by. What was an hour felt like 15 – 20 mins. Amazing.