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Review: Wedding Night



It’s been so long since I last read a book – I think it was winter? I was in the middle of reading Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman which just couldn’t capture my attention and it turned me off of reading for a while. I think I subconsciously wanted to finish it before I started another book so I just put off reading altogether rather than plow through the damned thing.

Anyway, after a bit of encouragement from my husband, I downloaded a couple books onto my Kobo to do some summer reading. I started off with Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella because I wanted something light and airy to dip my toes into. Turns out this novel was the perfect palate cleanser from Moran’s book.

Wedding Night is similar to all of Sophie Kinsella’s books, especially with regards to her protagonist. Lottie is apparently smart but actually seems flighty, air-headed and illogical. But she’s also funny and has a good heart. (Hmmm, Becky Bloomwood much?) Unlike Kinsella’s other novels, this one actually tells the story from two points of view: Lottie, who’s impulsively married her teenage summer fling, and Fliss, Lottie’s big sister who tries to talk some sense into her. The alternating of narrators made the novel more interesting than it would have been otherwise. I liked reading Lottie’s conflicted feelings about her new husband and her ex-boyfriend. And I really liked reading and relating to Fliss’s madwoman thoughts, even forgetting at some points that she was talking crazy-talk.

I also enjoyed that the novel was set mainly in Greece. I’ve been hankering to go to Greece in the last few years and this novel’s setting makes me want to go even more. Kinsella usually doesn’t write descriptions in a particularly remarkable way – perhaps because the majority of her novels take place in London? – but her descriptions of Greece really took me there. When Lottie describes her love of guest house there, I feel like I’m right there too. 

I did find myself bored with Kinsella’s tired old protagonists who are all essentially the same woman with different names and settings. The set-up of each of her novels seem to be, “What would Becky Bloomwood do?” and the plots sets out to answer that question. Yes, I knew that when I bought the book but I wish Kinsella would surprise her readers once in a while.

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Random Thoughts While Working Out: July Edition

Today I finally had a good workout (where I didn’t feel crappy and horrible and couldn’t wait to stop). Anyway, a few miscellaneous thoughts while I was on the treadmill this morning:

1) Most people seem to run for approximately 7-10 minutes on the treadmill. It takes me at least 7 minutes of running before I start to break a sweat so this confuses me. Maybe people just do it to warm up.

2) The number one reason I hate working out: laziness. And it’s a very convincing reason some (read: most) days.

3) The number two reason I hate working out: breakouts. I’ve been getting a lot of acne on my neck and between my boobs. TMI?

4) Motivations to go work out:

  • Cute workout clothes that need to be shown off
  • Opportunity to people-watch
  • Opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and think about how cute I look
  • Good music (usually 80s and 90s tunes)
  • How small my hips look and how perky my bum looks

5) I’ve come a long way already with this whole working out thing. When I started, I was running for 15 minutes. Today I ran for 35 minutes. Yes, it’s taken me since March to get here but still!