Random Thoughts While Working Out: July Edition

Today I finally had a good workout (where I didn’t feel crappy and horrible and couldn’t wait to stop). Anyway, a few miscellaneous thoughts while I was on the treadmill this morning:

1) Most people seem to run for approximately 7-10 minutes on the treadmill. It takes me at least 7 minutes of running before I start to break a sweat so this confuses me. Maybe people just do it to warm up.

2) The number one reason I hate working out: laziness. And it’s a very convincing reason some (read: most) days.

3) The number two reason I hate working out: breakouts. I’ve been getting a lot of acne on my neck and between my boobs. TMI?

4) Motivations to go work out:

  • Cute workout clothes that need to be shown off
  • Opportunity to people-watch
  • Opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and think about how cute I look
  • Good music (usually 80s and 90s tunes)
  • How small my hips look and how perky my bum looks

5) I’ve come a long way already with this whole working out thing. When I started, I was running for 15 minutes. Today I ran for 35 minutes. Yes, it’s taken me since March to get here but still!


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