Reflections on Hot Yoga

I did my second Bikrams yoga this evening. Some thoughts:

Why is the teacher always a skinny hairy white guy? No issue with that. Just curious. Ps: why do their shorts have to be so short?

What’s up with the stinky cheese feet smell? Must be all the sweat that’s dropped into the carpet. Wtf do they have a CARPETED hot yoga studio?

I didn’t realize I could sweat from my chin and my lower lip. And they were big drops too. Ew.

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4 thoughts on “Reflections on Hot Yoga

  1. M says:

    The bikram carpet is what specifically turns me off from Bikram’s. For the poses where they make you stand on the carpet, I tried doing them facing a different direction so I was standing on my mat (to minimize touching the carpet) and the instructor told me to get on the carpet “because it’s designed to work your muscles a specific way”. O RLY? Is the athlete’s foot supposed to help too?! I stopped going, and now only go to ones that have washable floors.

    Moksha yoga on Willingdon/Hastings is very good, they wash the floor after every class!

  2. Guess who 😉 I’ve never tried Hot Yoga before. Next time we’re in the same town, we shall go together. My drops of sweat are equally big, if not bigger.

    • psychoexgf says:

      Yes, although hot yoga is very expensive (thank God I had a Groupon). Next time we see each other is this summer though – is this a smart idea?

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