Wanna See My Underwear?

Don’t get too excited, guys. It’s just the top drawer of my dresser.

ImageIsn’t it beautiful?

I was changing out my fall/winter clothes over to my spring/summer clothes so it was the perfect opportunity to organize my drawers which were ready to burst, I had so much stuffed in them.

A few weeks ago, I had watched a howdini video on how to organize your dresser drawers and fold your clothes. It didn’t seem too hard and made sense to me. The reason my drawers were a mess was because i’d mess up all the nicely folded clothes while looking for a specific top, etc.

And boy, did I go to town:



Before my drawers were so filled with clothes I couldn’t even close them all the way. Now, I still have half a drawer left!

Love it! Now I wonder how long I can keep this up for?


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