Watch It Again

About five years ago, my husband and I looked at our Shaw cable TV bill and decided we could live without watching the news, Scrubs, America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl regularly. So we cancelled our cable subscription and lived without TV, downloading (I know, I know) or buying TV series and movies we really wanted to see. We were quite happy without TV and didn’t really miss it in our lives. Sure, we couldn’t discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones or laugh with everyone about the latest commercial, etc. But to have all that money saved. And plus, we seemed so mature and sophisticated when we said “we don’t watch TV” during dinner conversation. (What? I enjoy being smug sometimes). That is, until a couple months ago when my husband signed us up for Netflix. And now I can’t stop. I love watching all the TV I’ve been missing all these years and all the movies I was mildly interested in but not enough to pay the price of admission to see it in theatres.

I love watching The Nanny, Mad About you, Say Yes to the Dress, Closer (mmm Jude Law), Sliding Doors (OMG how come I didn’t watch this when it came out? So good!), Midnight in Paris etc. I also love how Netflix makes suggestions for what to watch next based on your rating of what you say. Apparently I love “Sentimental Romantic Dramas” and “Critically Acclaimed Witty Movies”.

But by far, my favourite category is “Watch It Again”. What can I say? It’s like comfort food for your mind. Sometimes, you don’t want to watch something new. Sometimes, you want to watch what you already know. It’s like rereading your favourite book. Or like meeting up with an old friend and reminiscing about old times. Here’s what I keep watching over and over again:

Save the Last Dance
OMG What ever happened to Julia Stiles? She was spoonfed to us and someone my generation was supposed to like and I ate it right up. And then, she sort of disappeared? I guess for school when she went off to Columbia? And did you know that Kerry Washington was Chenille? I never made the connection and now I can’t stop seeing Kerry with her Chenille haircut when I see pictures of her promoting Django Unchained. And I still really love the music in this movie. I wonder if I can download the soundtrack? Hmmm.

Little Women
I loved Winona Ryder because of this movie and will always, always have a soft spot for her because of this movie. Damn you Jo March and your awesomeness. And no matter how old I am, I always get teary-eyed when Beth dies. What she says to Jo. When Hannah spreads the petals over her dolls. And although I know the professor is supposed to be a better fit for Jo than Laurie ever was, I always wish she accepted Laurie’s proposal. Because damn was Kirsten Dunst annoying. And damn was Christian Bale hot. And who didn’t want Susan Sarandon as your Marmie? And plus, Eric Stolz was pretty hot too, even if he was a bit stuffy.

Love Actually
Every Christmas. Seriously. I love Colin Firth in this, even if his storyline is the most contrived. I love when Hugh Grant’s character and the chauffeur start singing Christmas carols to those little girls. I love how Emma Thompson makes me cry in that scene in the bedroom with Joni Mitchell playing in the background. I still think this movie has the best version of “All I Want for Christmas” ever. Ever. Sorry, Mariah.

Notting Hill
I know that “Love Actually” already has Hugh Grant in it, but this is my favourite Hugh Grant movie ever. I love everything about this movie. The soundtrack. The casting – Julia Roberts is so beautiful and Hugh Grant is so…. English. I love the setting. I love Julia Roberts’s jacket in the dinner scene and even though this movie came out like a zillion years ago, I’m still looking for that damn jacket in stores whenever I go out.

How I Met Your Mother
I know everyone’s so tired of this series and just wants to meet the mother already. Afterall, we’re up to what? 8 seasons already. Damn. But the point of this show isn’t about meeting the mother. I mean, it’s a part of it. But it’s mostly about the friendships. I love that this series is basically the “Friends” of my generation. I get the jokes because they’re the same stuff my friends & I joke about. They’re going through the same life experiences I am – especially Marshall & Lily. PS: who woulda thought that Allyson Hannigan would be able to ever play any other character other than Willow? And yes, she’s perfectly Lily Aldrin.

Sex & The City
It’s so cliche, yes, but I love it. Every time I watch this show, I get inspired to reflect and write. I would even go so far as to say that Carrie Bradshaw inspired the way I write/blog with more introspection and openness than I would otherwise. I love the stories and characters – much more than the fashion and raunchy sex talk. I love how fucked up Carrie is about Big and how she fucks up Aiden’s character (who deserved way way better than Carrie). I love how Charlotte really loves Harry in spite of her haughty princess self. Her story arch, especially in the later seasons, gets me every time.

I suspect I may eventually add Chasing Amy, Sliding Doors, Pitch Perfect, 10 Things I Hate About You and Coyote Ugly to this list.


4 thoughts on “Watch It Again

  1. Lyn Nguyen says:

    WE ARE STILL THE SAME!!! yeah we didn’t have cable here for two years either, just netflix and hulu. This month we got cable because Hoang has an addiction to sports and just didn’t want to deal with the crappy quality of streaming anymore. I picked all the retro channels and let me tell you, I’ve watch an embarrassing amount of Full House and Saved by the Bell

    • psychoexgf says:

      Stuart & I have watched the whole Saved by the Bell series (except for the last season with that annoying biker chick – Tori) I think at least twice, maybe three times. Ain’t no shame.

  2. Merry says:

    Christian Bale was in Little Women? MUST REVISIT!! I agree on all your picks and am off to make “Critically Acclaimed Witty Movies” my new Netflix thing.

    • psychoexgf says:

      Merry, Christian Bale was Laurie. He’s so young! And try watching “Midnight in Paris” – apparently “Critically Acclaimed Witty Movies” showed up because I watched this.

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