And For My 32nd Birthday…

For my 32nd birthday yesterday, I was given a great present. A reminder of a big life lesson. I was reminded that I need to keep my happiness a priority in life.

By nature, I’m non-confrontational, which may be nicer way of saying I’m a doormat. If someone’s being mean to me, I’ll usually just be quiet and swallow it. I’m not someone who calls you out on your bad behaviour even if I think it’s really shitty.

This was the situation I was presented with last night, hanging out with some coworkers after a few drinks. One of them was being a dick, acting more aggressive and cutting than usual towards me. I was feeling confused and hurt by it, but just tried to shrug it off as me taking things too seriously. (“Just let it go,” I kept repeating to myself.) But halfway through the night, I came to the realization. I don’t have to be there and keep taking it.

So I asked my friend to take me home. I know some of the others wanted me to stay. It was my birthday and the night was still young (not even 9pm). But I didn’t want to stay so someone could keep throwing little jabs and biting remarks at me. I didn’t want to call him on it, but I didn’t need to stay and take it.

So I left.

Because I know I won’t say anything, but there’s no need to pretend everything is fine.

Because my own happiness is important to me.


4 thoughts on “And For My 32nd Birthday…

  1. Blublu says:

    I used to be very similar.I’ve come to this understanding that isn’t personal and really some ppl can’t deal with some aspect of themselves that or they are a bit psychotic/sociopathic and lack empathy. Because really, behaving negatively to be funny or for kicks is total BS and no, you don’t have to take it! Of course you’d be hurt and confused…because you wouldn’t be a dick in this way to someone else. But rising above the emotions, and recognizing the situation = kudos!

  2. MLee says:

    Aww, Happy Birthday Anna. This entry is so melancholy. That guy needs some lessons in proper social behavior. There is a few like that at my workplace. Some people say not to take it too seriously, but sometimes te situation requires you to confront them. I have confronted one guy before and he was apologetic when I told him I was hurt. As for some others I’m still trying to figure out what I should do with thoses asses.

    • psychoexgf says:

      Agreed M that sometimes those situations/people need to be confronted. I just had more to drink than I should have so I wasn’t feeling up for it. Something to think about for when we’re back at work next Tuesday.

      PS: Thanks for the birthday wish.

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