Review: Da Vinci – The Genius

Something’s strange about the Mona Lisa, but I can’t figure out what…

This weekend, my husband & I went to Science World to check out their newest exhibit: Da Vinci – The Genius. We’ve always been interested in the Renaissance art and especially Da Vinci’s artwork. So we figured it was bound to be interesting, even though the last couple times we’ve been to Science World have been disappointing.

The exhibit focuses mostly on his inventions as well as his artwork. The exhibition does a wonderful job of recreating many of his inventions to full scale model. It’s amazing to see his inventions and resonances of them in many modern day items. For instance, Da Vinci has a drawing for an anemoscope in his notebooks which helps show the direction of the wind. This is exactly the same as weathervanes we see today. I always knew Da Vinci was obsessed with creating flying machines, but I didn’t know how many of his inventions were military ones, machine guns and tanks.

The exhibition’s artwork section focuses on Da Vinci’s most famous work: The Mona Lisa. This part of the exhibit focuses on some new discoveries about the Mona Lisa: the actual colours she was painted in of bright blues and softer pinks rather than the dark greens and browns of the painting we know now. From the close up details, we can see traces of the eyebrows that Da Vinci painted on her face even though now they’d faded/deteriorated away. We can appreciate new details about the background: the bridges and winding roads, the blue mountains in the far off distance.

Overall, it was a very educational and insightful exhibit. My husband & I spent almost two hours going over the exhibit and we both remarked how the time flew by. I thought the exhibit was quite large and very well done: much more impressive than I was anticipating.

Just one gripe I had about the exhibit: I wish it wasn’t held at Science World because of all the little kids running around. The first section of the exhibit had so many kids running around touching all the exhibits  – even those clearly marked with a Do Not Touch sign. And so many kids without a parent in sight, letting Science World be the babysitter. It was distracting have so many children running around and creating chaos. I admit, I was annoyed and probably would have enjoyed the exhibit a lot more otherwise. Luckily, most of the kids seemed to get bored and were nowhere to be seen about a third of the way through the exhibit.


Da Vinci – The Genius
Science World (at Telus World of Science)
1455 Quebec St at Terminal Ave, Vancouver
Ph: 604-443-7440
April 29th to September 3rd

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