Review: The Fish House Restaurant in Stanley Park

The Fish House

A couple weekends ago, my husband took me out to The Fish House Restaurant in Stanley Park. We’ve always talked about going there sometime in the six years we’ve been together but only just now got around to doing so. So was it worth the wait?

A word of warning about getting TO the restaurant: you’ll want to take Beach Ave to get there rather than through Stanley Park via Georgia Street like we did. We were 10 mins late for our reservation because of that long drive. And as we were driving through the park, I was very sure we were going to miss it or already passed it. If you do take the Stanley Park route, just trust the signs and once you’re sure you’ve missed it, it should appear out of thin air, like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Apparently, when we went, they got a new chef in the week prior and there were lots of new menu items. I had the Cannery Cod entree with the salmon carpaccio to start. Stuart had the prawn cocktail to start, followed by the Trio of Simply Grilled Fish. Both my dishes were divine. The salmon carpaccio was surprisingly yummy, especially with the capers. I half expected it to taste kinda like salmon sashimi but it really didn’t at all. So melt in your mouth delicious that I’ve been thinking about it since. And the Cannery Cod was also so good. Very buttery and flavourful, two words I usually don’t use to describe fish but there you go. I loved everything about it, especially the lobster oil* which I haven’t tasted since in years. Oh and another thing I loved: the portions were a good size. I never felt like there wasn’t enough. I couldn’t even finish my fish. Stuart also polished off both his dishes too which he was apparently very satisfied with. I didn’t taste them though as I was too busy gorging on my own food.

Aside from the amazing food, I had to comment on the excellent service we got from our server, Corwyn. He was very friendly and funny that I enjoyed chatting with him every time he stopped by. And every one of his recommendations were spot on. If only every restaurant we went to had servers like him!

Anyway, Stuart & I are definitely going to stop by The Fish House again, hopefully later into the summer when the weather is nice. Perhaps before catching Bard on the Beach or Theatre Under the Stars? I’ve also told everyone within earshot to definitely head there as well for an awesome dining experience.

*Yes, lobster oil! Like the fabled one at The Cannery before it closed down. Our server Corwyn told me that they were the sister companies which explains the similar menu items like the cod that I had as well as the Salmon Wellington. Anyway, same lobster oil which you can apparently still buy by the bottle like before. The lobster oil alone is reason enough to come back again and again.

The Fish House in Stanley Park
8901 Stanley Park Drive
Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604-681-7275


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