Cookie Crisis

This weekend I wanted to do something nice for my husband who has been having a fairly stressful few weeks. So I decided to bake him a quick batch of chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. Who could have known that this small task would turn into such a epic disaster?

As I was in the middle of combining the butter, sugar and eggs, my hand slipped while holding the electric mixer and it promptly broke (the mixer, not my hand). So I left having to try and mix everything by hand which would have been okay if I hadn’t already thrown the eggs in. Ugh. Not wanting to waste the butter and eggs, I mixed away using arm muscles I previously thought non-existant. A sludgy mess of ten minutes later, I remembered I had a hand blender given to us as a wedding present when we first got married (thanks again Jeff) and that I generally use to liquify soups. In a pinch it worked! Yay!

After that moment of triumph and relief, I chose to finally answer a text message. But my aforementioned arm muscles betrayed me and my phone slipped right outta my hands and into the gooey batter. Ack! Another ten minutes of cleaning up my phone later, I resumed the cookie baking.

After having formed and arranged the balls of dough on the baking sheets, I opened up the fridge to put away the rest of the dough for the time being. And that’s when I saw the ribs I had intended for dinner that night, innocently defrosting in the fridge. I was seriously vexed. This meant I had to stop the baking and get the ribs cooking asap since they needed at least 6 hours in the slow cooker (another wedding present, thanks Vicky!).

So two hours later I was finally done my “quick” batch of cookies and I was frazzled. All I gotta say is, these better have been worth it.



2 thoughts on “Cookie Crisis

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Wow, it looks so yummy! =)

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