Freebie Five

My freebie five, subject to change:

Colin Firth
Mr Darcy, Mark Darcy, that guy from Love Actually. He’s English. And married to a non-famous person. He’s funny and self-depreciating. And he speaks Italian. What more can you ask for? (Yes, he’s getting a bit jowly but we can’t all be perfect.)

Colin Firth

Ewan McGregor
Gah! Those perfect teeth when he smiles. How utterly hilarious he is in interviews (especially when he’s on Craig Ferguson). I imagine we’d have such a fun time together. The fact that he shows his penis in every other movie. And in doing so, calls himself a feminist. And he looks amazing in a kilt.

Ewan McGregor

Michael Sheen
Again, hilarious in interviews. Maintains a good relationship with Kate Beckinsale with whom he has a daughter. Those sexy airport pictures of him with Rachel McAdams. Yum!

Michael Sheen

Taye Diggs
Gorgeous smile. Impeccably dressed man, especially with his glasses. And he’s married to the incomparable Idina Menzel.

Taye Diggs

Tie between Chris Pine & Chris Evans
Chris Pine for possessing the worlds most delicious set of lips, especially in that scene in Star Trek where he’s on the motorcycle, deciding whether he wants to join Starfleet Academy.

Chris Evans based solely for his cute/sexy performance in What’s Your Number.

Who is on your Freebie Five list?

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