Review: Fire Pots Restaurant

I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Fire Pots, a hot pot restaurant, to open in Burnaby ever since I drove past their sign a couple of months ago announcing their imminent (and much need, IMO) arrival to the Brentwood area. This past week, Fire Pots has finally opened up to the public with their Grand Opening on Friday. A few friends & I ventured down the day after to try it out.

First impressions: the place is very clean (which should be a given I suppose since it literally just opened) and very modern with its red and black minimalist decor. The music was good and the bar was fully stocked. I expect a place like this to be in Yaletown rather than here in Burnaby. The Westernized aesthetic definitely appeals to the young modern CBCers to live in this area rather than the older Chinese folks who, when they wandered into the restaurant, looked lost and confused as they were probably expecting a more traditional place.

Service: Our server was very eager to help and seemed very enthusiastic. We had a good giggle over “crown daisy” which was pretty much the opposite of daisy and more broccoli. We showed up at 6pm when they opened so everyone was kinda catering to us, being that we were one of the only two groups there. But the time we wanted to get the bill around 730, they had a full house and it was hard to get their attention. I chalk this up to them still trying to work out the kinks ie: growing pains.

Food: One big thing that surprised me: rather than a communal hot pot which I was used to, Fire Pots offers individual hot pots for each diner. When you sit down, you each have your own element on which to cook your food. There were two options: the signature hot pots and “make your own”. All four of us chose the signature hot pots; I got the Crown Daisy Steak dish. I was surprised at how authentic the food was. I guess I was thinking they’d try to add a westernized flair to the cooking. The satay spice soup broth was delicious and flavourful – very savoury just how I like it. The meat was juicy. And the vegetables (2 kinds of mushrooms and crown daisy) were delicious with the meat and soup. The mushrooms soaked up the broth while the crown daisy provided a lighter taste to the otherwise heavy meal. I also quite enjoyed the sesame balls we ordered for dessert; they tasted just like mom’s.

The best part was after we finished the meal, I didn’t feel weighed down from the heavy food. I was satisfied but didn’t want to loosen a couple notches on my belt. I also noticed the food smell didn’t stick to my clothes and hair which almost always happens in restaurants like this.

I’m definitely heading down there again and soon. I want to try the Coconut Curry Chicken and the Fiery Szechuan Style Lamb.

Fire Pots
4455 Lougheed Hwy (between Rosser & Willingdon)
Ph: 604-293-9955


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